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Email is used by approximately 3.9 billion people each day for communication, and none of the other platforms come close to having this number. If you are not taking advantage of this platform, your business is losing out on a lot of opportunities.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity for your business to connect with the right customers at exactly the right time and increase your sales. Let our goal-driven email marketing service help you create an email campaign that meets your business objectives.

Email Marketing Explained

Email marketing is one the most effective digital marketing techniques for generating and converting leads into sales.

Despite the growth and success of messenger apps and messaging platforms, nearly 61 percent of people prefer facilitated interactions by email—and this preference holds true for both men and women and across age groups.

Email marketing has become more important than ever before because of its ability to reach people at any time and place. You no longer need to just send emails to your prospects and customers. You need to be able to capture people’s attention, keep them engaged and convert them into loyal customers.

How Can We Help You?

If you don’t understand what email marketing is and how to use it effectively, you may end up with uncoordinated promotional strategies, low customer volume, and significant business decline.

Don’t let this happen to your brand. Use conversion-focused email marketing tools from the best email marketing providers and be smarter with your digital marketing budget and online promotions.

Blitz Marketing Group offers an extensive range of email marketing services, including affordable plans for small businesses and large enterprise solutions. Contact us for a free consultation and let’s talk about the importance of services in helping you achieve your business goals. Our services also include Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, PPC Management, Website Hosting, Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce Marketing, Reputation Management, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Internet Marketing Consulting.

We achieve remarkable results our clients love to brag about.

What Makes Email Marketing So Important?

Email marketing is one of the most important parts of digital brand success. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to earn business leads and deliver a high ROI.

According to research, roughly 61% of email subscribers would like weekly promotional marketing emails and roughly 83% of customers spend more on brands from which they’re receiving promotional marketing emails. Marketers reported receiving an impressive 3.8X ROI or $38 per dollar spent on an email marketing campaign.

Online email marketing presents an incredible opportu­nity to reach targeted customers and grow your business. If you haven’t begun your email marketing planning yet, now’s the time to consult with a professional email marketer and sketch out how to get your business moving forward.

Many marketers wonder why they should invest their time and resources into email marketing when there are so many social media platforms available and social media visits have grown exponentially over time? However, people still check their email for special offers from the brands they’re interested in. According to research, 44% of users check their email for brand promotions, whereas just 4% visit social media platforms for ad campaigns.

That’s just the beginning. Web email marketing has become one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and conversions for your business. It’s easier than ever before.

Build Customer Loyalty

In addition to driving revenue through email marketing, email can also help build customer loyalty by creating a sense of community between your company and your customers. This helps you create a strong bond with your audience that will lead to increased sales and repeat purchases.

Expand Your Business Reach

The average person receives around 100 emails a day. That means if you want to connect with potential customers and clients, you need to make sure your message stands out. Email marketing allows you to target specific audiences and communicate directly with those who are interested in what you offer. With the right email marketing strategy, you’ll be able to increase your visibility, boost your brand awareness, and generate new leads. The results speak for themselves.

Email Marketing Service Providers

We work closely with our clients to develop custom email marketing strategies that fit their needs and budget. Our team of experts works diligently to ensure each client is satisfied with every aspect of their email marketing service. We provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the entire process.

Connect With Different Audiences

With email marketing services, you can send messages to different groups of people based on their interests. For example, you could send a newsletter to your list of loyal customers, advertise discounts to new customers, or promote events to members of your organization. 

Test Email Campaigns and Drive Strong Results

Our email marketing consultants use tools such as A/B testing and segmentation to determine which messages perform best. They then implement these tested methods to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Increase Brand Awareness

When it comes to building brand awareness, nothing beats email marketing. People receive hundreds of emails daily, making it easy for them to ignore your message. But when you use email marketing to share valuable content about your products and services, your prospects will start paying attention.

Track Your Analytics

Once you’ve implemented an email marketing campaign, it’s important to track its success. You can do this by using analytics software like Google Analytics to see how well your messages are performing.

Save Time and Effort

Using email marketing services saves you time and effort. You don’t have to set up your own servers or manage your own lists of subscribers. Plus, you won’t have to worry about sending messages at peak times because we handle all aspects of your campaign for you.

Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson
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Partnering with right company for qualified leads is HUGE for my business and Rob is great to work with from start to finish. Highly recommend them. And be ready for the good news from all the customers.
Neco Ameen
Neco Ameen
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BMG has been a true blessing. From the beginning high quality leads were promised and delivered with bonuses only a true master of their craft could perform. If you’re looking to better your online internet marketing strategy you found the right place.
Susan Cram
Susan Cram
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We have been working with Rob's team for several months now and I have seen a significant difference in our Google ranking. I’m pleased. Every time I call, Text or Email Rob he responds within hours and every project has been done timely and extremely well.


Email Marketing Services for Small Business

Investing your money wisely is not something you should take lightly. Make sure every penny allocated to your online marketing efforts produces a return on investment or else you risk wasting your money and missing out on potential opportunities to sell more products.

Email marketing is an effective way to reach specific target markets and grow your revenue. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to promote your brand. According to a McKinsey study, email is almost 40 times better at attracting new customers than social media platforms combined. According to most industry experts, the best email campaigns focus on driving customer acquisition and retention.

Why Choose Blitz Marketing for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Blitz Marketing Group is an email marketing company that offers the best email marketing services at affordable rates. But don’t just take our word for it. Our clients tell us that we provide excellent email marketing services. Our email marketing agency offers these additional benefits when you partner with them:

Full-Service Email Marketing Campaign

We offer full-service email marketing services so you get everything you need in one place. From strategy development to implementation, we make sure your campaign runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Multivariate and A/B Campaign Testing

We test your emails to ensure they’re optimized for conversions. We’ll also help you create multiple versions of each email to find what works best. This helps you increase your ROI while reducing the likelihood of unsubscribes.

Integrated Digital Marketing Services

Our integrated digital marketing services include SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Reputation Management. These services work together to improve your search engine rankings, increase traffic, and build your reputation.

Detailed Email Marketing Reports

We send detailed reports after every campaign so you know exactly how your emails performed. The reports highlight which parts of your emails were successful and which weren’t. They also show you where you could improve your next campaign.

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