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indio seo serviceOver 90% of all people search the Internet to find products and local services. Of course they do, in today’s digital age, there is really no better way to find something. The challenge for businesses however, is that most Internet searches never extend beyond page one. That means if your website doesn’t appear on the first page, most people will never even know it exists…

We’ll Implement an SEO strategy that will increase your search rankings and put your business in front of everyone who is searching online for what you provide. Websites ranking above yours in Internet search results are in their positions for a reason. Search engines use algorithms, that are constantly changing and evolving, to determine what ranks where.

We’ll examine websites currently ranking above yours and determine exactly how they got there. We will then create a strategy based on the what we discovered to first emulate what they are doing, and then to surpass it. It’s not rocket science, but it works amazingly. The bottom line is, the higher your website ranks in Internet search results, the more clicks, calls, and visits your business will receive. Doesn’t it make sense to put SEO to work for you?

We would love the opportunity to help you grow your business. We understand the need for a reliable source of steady leads. Mastering how to obtain those leads is what put us where we are today. Let’s connect and talk about how we can be of help, contact us today!

We achieve remarkable results our clients love to brag about.

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We have years of experience providing search engine optimization services to businesses in Palm Desert and nearby areas, with sterling results. Our SEO campaigns helped our clients get to the front of search engine results, increasing their chances of growing their audience and generating more converting leads.

Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson
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Partnering with right company for qualified leads is HUGE for my business and Rob is great to work with from start to finish. Highly recommend them. And be ready for the good news from all the customers.
Neco Ameen
Neco Ameen
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BMG has been a true blessing. From the beginning high quality leads were promised and delivered with bonuses only a true master of their craft could perform. If you’re looking to better your online internet marketing strategy you found the right place.
Susan Cram
Susan Cram
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We have been working with Rob's team for several months now and I have seen a significant difference in our Google ranking. I’m pleased. Every time I call, Text or Email Rob he responds within hours and every project has been done timely and extremely well.

If your business is not showing up on the first page of Search Engine Results pages (SERPs) for your targeted keywords, you are losing a lot of potential revenue. Because majority of the potential leads do not bother checking past the first page. They tend to go with businesses on the first page. Simply getting your business on the first page of SERPs can boost your lead generation, and Blitz Marketing Group can help you with it. Our services also include Web Design, PPC Management, Website Hosting, Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce Marketing, Reputation Management, Conversion Rate Optimization, Internet Marketing Consulting, and Email Marketing.

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Our SEO Services

Keyword Research

One of the most important parts of an Search Engine Optimization is choosing the keyword to target. SEO will not do much for your business if you target a keyword that does not fit your niche. This is why we place great importance in analyzing your business and its niche, to ensure that we can rank your website for the right search terms.

Organic Link Building

Backlinks are important when it comes to helping your website get higher rankings in search results. But unethical sources of backlinks are dangerous and could get you into trouble with search engines. Blitz Marketing ensures that you will never have this problem. We have a dedicated team of link builders who have years of experience getting ethical, organic backlinks for our clients.

Backend SEO

Search Engine Optimization goes further than what is featured on the front end. Your rankings can get a big boost from optimizations implemented on the backend. These include improving your site's page speed, optimizing loading, and helping search engines index your site better.

Local SEO

If you want the best conversion rates, you have to focus your SEO on local clients. This is because most customers prefer to search for businesses that are in their area. We can help you fine tune your campaign to ensure that your Google My Business presence is highest among users that are in your city or state.

On Page SEO

Blitz Marketing Group observes the SEO best practices recommended by search engines, to ensure that we can boost your online presence without violating any search engine TOS or policy. This approach allows us to give your website results that are sustainable and not subject to algorithm changes.

Off Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization is less effective without off-page optimization. Blitz Marketing will ensure that we take advantage of all the tools in our trade to boost your online presence. That means leveraging social media, email, video, and other ancillary online real estate to improve the chances of your site getting noticed by search engines and human visitors alike.


Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website to make sure it gets found by search engines. This means making sure your site is easy to read and navigate and contains relevant information. You also need to ensure that your site is well-optimized for keywords related to your product or service.

SEO works in several ways. First, it helps you rank highly in search results. Second, SEO makes sure that people who find your website actually visit it. Third, SEO helps you build brand recognition and trust among customers. SEO is the practice of making sure your website is easily understood by search engines. This includes things like keeping your content relevant and interesting, using keywords correctly, and having a strong backlink profile. SEO doesn’t involve paying for ads or anything else. It also doesn’t exclude direct traffic. A good SEO strategy makes sure your website is identified as an authority site and points people towards your website.

There are fine-drawn differences between the different search engines. However, if you want to get more organic traffic, you should focus on Google. Most of your target audience uses Google as their primary search engine. Search engine optimization is a constantly evolving field. Google updates its algorithm every few months, which affects ranking. To stay up to date with the latest changes, you should use multiple tools to track rankings.

An SEO agency or expert charges based on the scope of work required. This includes everything from keyword research to content creation to link building. You should expect to pay around $150 per hour.

Yes, but you’ll need some technical expertise. You should also consider both technical and on-page SEO strategies. Also, you’ll need to be aware of the latest algorithm updates. Your competitors are already doing SEO. They may be getting better results

There are three major factors that affect your SEO ranking: keyword selection, content, and page load time.

Keywords – The first factor is choosing the right keywords. If you select the wrong keywords, you won’t be able to reach your target audience.

Content – It is important because it provides value to readers. Good content will keep them coming back for more.

Page Load Time – Page speed is another important factor. People don’t like slow websites. Make sure you have a fast-loading website.

These are the three major factors that directly affect your SEO ranking. You need to make sure that your website loads fast, and that your keywords are selected correctly. Also, you should write high-quality content on your website.

Blogging is a great way to increase traffic to your website. But make sure to create quality content that answers user questions. You should also use on-site SEO techniques to help search engines find your blog. It’s not enough to just post articles online. You must create quality content that is useful to your target audience. You should also include links within your posts so that they’re easier to find.

SEO usually provides a much better ROI than PPC. However, SEO requires more effort and time to implement correctly. Paid advertising can generate immediate traffic. SEO takes longer to show results. Paid advertising is best used when you want to drive immediate traffic. On the other hand, SEO is most effective when you want to gain long-term traffic. SEO and PPC both help generate leads and sales.

It depends on your goals. SEO takes anywhere from 4 months to 6 months to see results. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you’ll be rewarded with great success.

SEO has many facets that include a variety of activities. Content is often associated with high-quality content as search engines have highlighted content as an essential ranking factor. However, content alone is not enough to rank well. Links from authoritative external sites point to your site in the form of a backlink and those external sites must have good domain authority. In addition, best practice entails full-blown on-page optimization which includes optimizing your meta content, image, and tags. Finally, consider the technical aspect including how easy is it to navigate your website, and have you linked your pages internally?

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