Responsive Website Design is a Must for Small Businesses

responsive website design

If you want your small business website to reach as many people as possible over the Internet, you need a responsive website design. Any website that still has a static layout in this day and age is already obsolete and considered sub-optimal.

What is Responsive Website Design?

In the past, all website layouts were static so there is a problem when they are viewed on a screen that they were not designed for. Viewing a static website on the small screen of a smartphone can be tedious due to the constant scrolling, while viewing it on a much larger screen will result in tiny unreadable text.

Responsive website design is simply giving your website the ability to adapt to the screen size of any device. This means your website layout be functional no matter how small or large the viewing screen is. This has a number of immediate benefits for both the website owner and the website visitor:

  • There’s no need to code separate layouts for mobile and desktop. A website owner only needs to maintain one design.
  • Visitors can peruse a website without being hindered by choice of device. They can view everything whether they are using a smartphone or a desktop computer.
  • A website owner no longer needs to worry about browser compatibility. The only browsers that cannot support responsive websites are outdated and no longer in use.

Why You Need to Make the Switch to Responsive Website Design

This is a case of adapting to the market. The number of people who are using a smartphone or tablet for browsing has already overtaken the number of desktop users. And the number is still growing. A recent Pew study reveals that the percentage of smartphone owners in 2018 have reached 77%, a significant growth from 35% in 2011.  If your website is still static, you will be inconveniencing 77% of potential customers in the country.

You don’t even need to look very far. Just check your traffic logs and you will see that a significant amount of visitors are browsing your site through a mobile device. If your website design is static, you are not giving these visitors an enjoyable experience. It could result in a high bounce rate.

If you need an attractive, functional, and responsive website design, Blitz Marketing is your best choice. Contact us today and we’ll be glad to help you improve your small business website.