Web designer agency Blitz Marketing Group builds and creates professional fully responsive mobile friendly and Google friendly websites for small businesses in Palm Desert, CA. Our website development is not only designed to look attractive but also foundationally structured for Internet marketing. Our websites are functional and aesthetically appealing.

If you or your business needs a brand new website or new fresh website redesign, we can help you out. We’ve built hundreds of sites for our Palm Desert as well as our national clients. From law attorneys to online product launches, there aren’t many industries we can’t help or assist.

Mobile-first index

With today’s digital and online landscape, more individuals are searching for Palm Desert, CA businesses on mobile devices (phones and tablets) than from a traditional desktop computer or laptop. What does that mean? That means your website needs to perform consistently and flawlessly across all platforms seamlessly, including tablets and smartphones. Our websites are created and built responsive, which means they auto adapt to resize and fit on whatever device, phone or computer they’re being viewed on.

That’s especially and specifically important because Google’s mobile browser & desktop browser are two different animals. Sites that aren’t completely mobile friendly won’t rank in search results on mobile devices. Technically they’ll rank but they’ll eventually be pushed behind the websites that are mobile friendly. That’s a big deal if you’ve already invested money in search engine optimization but don’t have a mobile-friendly website.

One thing to note is that traffic alone isn’t enough. After someone looks at your website, they might choose a different company to do business with and that’s where website optimization or conversion optimization matters. Traffic doesn’t matter if no one decides to use your business. The truth is your website needs to appeal to your targeted audience. We specialize and can help you with that. Contact us today for more information.


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