Internet Marketing Service provided by Blitz Marketing Group includes SEO (search engine optimization), professional website design, local business marketing, collective reputation management, and online business directory citation management. With over 2o+ years of technology study, training and experience, BMG knows its way around online internet technologies.

More leads, calls & customers

Does your business need more leads, calls, or customers? We’ve got a customized solution for you. We have experience in ranking thousands of targeted and specific keywords for all of our clients nationwide. We can definitely and substantially improve your online visibility and exposure.

We’ll also find the most profitable keywords for you to target and create and customize a high-quality backlink profile. Now not only will prospective future customers be able to find you, Google will also view your website as highly credible and trustworthy.The first thing we’ll do is complete a thorough analysis of your industry, your specific competitors, and your targeted audience. Next, we’ll take competitive intelligence and create a customized marketing solution and strategy for your business. We’ll build a fully responsive mobile friendly and Google compliant website for you and your business that has the right foundational structure for Internet marketing. This enables the search engine spiders to read and easily understand what you and your business provide. Each of our client’s new websites is designed to appeal to their target audience, exponentially increasing the chances they pick up the phone and call you.

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