Do You Need a Free Website SEO Audit?​

website SEO audit is not very popular to the average website owner. Part of this is because of the stigma around the word “audit.” People tend to conjure up mental images of the IRS, messy boxes of old receipts, unscrupulous tax attorneys, and all the other panic-inducing elements of a tax audit. However, an SEO audit should not be a scary prospect, because it is quite different from being audited by the IRS.

What Does a Free Website SEO Audit Entail?

For starters, a website SEO audit is something that you will appreciate. It will give your business a glimpse of your website’s flaws and areas where improvement is possible. It can be the one thing that will finally show you how to rank higher and generate more leads.

What Does a Website SEO Audit Show

When done properly, a Free website SEO audit will give you more information on the following aspects of the website:

Overall Health

An SEO audit can check how your current traffic measures up compared to industry benchmarks. Any initial red flags, such as an abnormal bounce rate or low retention rate can be marked for investigation. It can give you or your SEO team a starting point on where to conduct further investigations.


An SEO audit should also check whether the website is conducting SEO practices that would attract a red flag or penalty from search engines. This is particularly important even if you are not pursuing unethical/black hat SEO strategies Search engines change their policies and algorithms regularly, so things that were above board in the past could suddenly warrant a penalty now. A regular website SEO audit will let you stay on top of these things.

Competitive Audit

An audit should also check how your website measures up to your competition. An overall health audit may check your website’s performance based on industry standards, but a competitive audit will be more specific as it checks your site against your competitor’s. This is basically conducting an SEO audit on both your site and your competitor’s, and then checking if your competitor is doing something right that you aren’t, and vice versa.

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