Search Engine Optimization is what you need if you’re a Palm Desert business struggling to establish your internet presence. The same applies if you are based in neighboring cities in the Coachella Valley, such as Palm Springs. Today’s Research indicates that over 90% of all individuals use the Internet to search for things they are interested in. Common sense suggests there’s no better venue than the world wide web if you want to reach out to people looking for the products or services your business offers.

The biggest problem Palm Desert, CA businesses face and why they need SEO services in Palm Desert, is that nearly all local online Internet searches don’t extend beyond the first page of Google search results. What does this mean? This means the first page is the location where the largest percent of your potential qualified customers are. Therefore this is exactly where your business needs to be.

Search Engine Optimization Services

As you may already know, your business probably needs SEO, but do you clearly understand what it is or exactly how it works? The overall concept is simple. Increase your online rankings in the search results. Easy right? Not so fast tiger…

There are tons of moving parts in a well thought-out SEO strategy that can actually bring you new qualified customers. For example, you will need to know the exact keywords to target. You need to have a mobile responsive and optimized website. You might also need a good content marketing strategy. Of course you’ll also need links from Google trusted websites that point to yours.

Online Ranking Professionals

There aren’t any shortages of SEO companies Palm Desert has to offer. The question then becomes how to know and choose the right one for you and your business? There are several key factors you’ll want to look at and a few questions that’ll need an honest answer. While this is not considered an an exhaustive list, it is a great area to start.

Can they actually produce you more qualified customers? If you’re interviewing a digital marketing agency and all they seem to talk about is online “rankings”, you should walk away. It is true that search rankings are important, but if that’s all  SEO means to that company, they’re completely missing the bigger picture. We can tell you now that hiring them would be a big mistake that would leave a lot of money on the table.

What’s their price point? If you walk away after your discussion with them and they’re promising you 1st-page search results and Google rankings for $100 monthly you should know right now, that’s too good to be true. It’s a lot of hard work and time to put a local business on page one of Google search results for their desired and profitable keywords, especially in a larger and more competitive market. Don’t be another person who falls into the budget $100/month SEO service company. For local businesses, a legitimate and results based SEO consulting services will run in the range of $1000 to $3000 a month. Sure, we understand that investment may seem expensive, but truthfully a good competent SEO focused marketing agency should be able to deliver a good return on that investment within 6-8 months. For instance, if you’re paying $2000 a month to an SEO Expert, and they end up bringing your business an additional $8000 per month in pure revenue, we’d consider that a good return on investment.

What will their current and past clients say about them? If they’re actually getting results for their clients, they won’t have any issues or problems getting positive reviews. They should be constantly seeking to obtain more reviews. If you can’t find any positive reviews on their website, you should start looking elsewhere. They may call themselves search engine optimization gurus and promise extraneous services such as increased presence on Facebook Twitter and other social networks, but promises are cheap and does not necessarily make them credible.

Palm Desert’s Premier Internet Marketing Agency

Ok, so now you’re probably wondering, why should I give and entrust my business to Blitz Marketing Group? For starters BMG (Blitz Marketing Group) was established and founded out of the driving passion to help as many businesses be successful as possible. Like you and many other businesses, we definitely know all too well the need for additional qualified clients and customers. We started from scratch and built or company on sweat equity to get to where we currently are. One of Blitz Marketing Group’s partners, Rob Ashton, shares some of his stories and companies that he’s worked with on his LinkedIn profile page.

Honestly, effective SEO is not black magic and it is not even really all that difficult when you know what you are doing. But, truthfully it’s extremely tedious, time-consuming and takes massive amounts of work. You’ll need to keep in mind, SEO is always ever changing. The current techniques and technology and strategies that work today, may not even work in a few months down the line. Internet and online marketing services are matters you should leave to the experts and top SEO agencies such as Blitz Marketing Group.

Our clientele trusts us. They refer their family and friends because we provide:

Transparent Marketing Strategies – you’ll always be up to speed on what we’re doing and the exact reason we’re doing it. In fact, we can even give and provide you with access to your own SEO marketing dashboard customized for your business. On your custom dashboard, you’ll have access to your monthly Google search rankings, traffic estimates paid advertising and social media campaigns, and visitor analysis. We can even help you set up an email marketing campaign. All this and more all in one place. We’ll show you exactly where your money is going.

Guaranteed Results – when you partner with Blitz Marketing Group, you’ll become part of our extended family. We definitely and sincerely care about the success of you and your business. Count on us to deliver and do what it takes to drive qualified customers to your business.

Personalized Support – we know and understand that every business is unique. Each and every one has their different set of requirements and needs. We take the necessary time it takes to intimately know our clients and their businesses front and back. Rest assured we’ll provide you the best possible partner experience. We always respond to each and every request quickly and efficiently. We deliver the personal touchs other marketing agencies can’t or won’t spend the time doing.

Online Ranking Made Easy

We’re the best! If your current website isn’t currently placed or ranking at the top of search results for the most profitable keywords, you’re losing money to your competitors that are ranked ahead of you. How can you change that? You need an experienced and professional SEO company in Palm Desert like Blitz Marketing Group in your corner. We’ll implement a strategic SEO marketing campaign that’ll put your business service and products in front of everyone who’s looking for what you offer.

Face it, your business needs more qualified customers and clients. Improving you’re online exposure and visibility while at the same time building trust and authority will produce and bring incredible results. Blitz Marketing Group is a professional and experienced SEO agency with a track record for ranking a variety of diverse clients on the first page of Google and other Internet search engines. We would be more than happy to provide a free marketing consultation and assessment that outlines your current online status, as well as a thorough and honest explanation of how we can help your business now. Go ahead and take advantage of our instant website SEO audit tool free of charge. Start making improvements today.