Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant BMG is an outbound marketing firm based out of Palm Desert, CA. If you need a new professionally designed website, to increase your placement in search results, or are in the need to acquire additional positive online reviews, we would love to partner with you and your business.

Local businesses should reach out to a marketing consultant to help with their online visibility and exposure to produce a profitable ROI. Every business has a “marketing budget”. In our humble opinion, it’s not necessary to have a “budget” if you’re getting a good ROI on your investment. It’s only an expense when you aren’t getting a return on your dollars. Business owners should spend more time running their business than managing online marketing efforts. That’s where marketing consultants at BMG (Blitz Marketing Group) come into play.

We’ll help you with organizing and managing your marketing campaigns. We’ve already assisted and helped a number of Palm Desert businesses get high-quality leads, calls, and new customers to their door.

Blitz Marketing Group can do and focus on the heavy online marketing lifting while you focus on servicing your customers with the best your business has to offer. Some of the things we specialize in are optimizing websites, creating creative email campaigns, and even helping you bury negative reviews (if you might have any). We’ll assist and help create a powerful online presence and reputation that showcases to potential customers how credible and trustworthy you and your business is.


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