palm desert website design

Palm Desert is a melting pot of web savvy businesses that do well offline and online. So if you are thinking of establishing your business on the Internet, it doesn’t hurt to look at this list of lessons concerning common website design in the area.

It’s All About Social Media

It’s no longer enough to just rely on paid advertisements. In fact, if your business is small and budget-strapped, you should put paid advertisements on the backburner and concentrate on social media. Always remember to include social share and follow buttons on your site.

If this seems unfamiliar to you, the social sharing buttons are basically the small buttons that you see on the bottom or top of blog posts. They are direct links to sharing the page on a variety of social networks. It’s meant to make it easier for your readers to evangelize and share your content.

Don’t Ever Forget a Call to Action

A CTA or Call to Action is one of the key parts of any business page. It gives your readers a sense of direction, and communicates what exactly it is you want from them. Additionally, you should also look at it as a way of communicating to your readers what you can do for them. The pessimist may see “sign up for a newsletter” as coercing a reader to give you her contact details, but a true website design expert will recognize it for what it really is: offering the reader a deeper way to engage with your business. A way to provide even more value to your customers. Big difference.

Optimize for Mobile

8 out of 10 internet users these days own a smartphone and most of them will regularly browse the internet on their mobile device.  Google themselves have stated that more than half of users will never return to a webpage if they had trouble accessing it on their mobile, and around 40% of those will choose to visit a competitor instead. So if you don’t optimize your web design for mobile, not only are you losing out on customers – you are actually giving them away to your competitor.

Get Found Through SEO

It doesn’t matter how good your design is if no one ever gets to see it. You need to include Search Engine Optimization in your strategy. If you want the most efficient way to go about it, we are here to help. Contact Blitz Marketing Group and we will help you put your name on the proverbial map.