Many startups struggle to take off despite having an innovative product or service. The main problem in these cases is usually the fact that the startup cannot hurdle the challenge of getting their name out there, where people can find it. It is mainly a problem of marketing or lack thereof. We here at Blitz recognize the challenges and are aware that many failed marketing attempts by companies are due to overestimating their capability, immediately going after wide-scale campaigns that are too expensive yet provide meager results.

Go Local First

While the Internet makes it possible for even small mom-and-pop shops to reach audiences from across the globe, it is a smart idea to start small at first. Any company will find that people tend to be more receptive if you can market to them locally. Have you ever seen athletes, celebrities, and politicians get crowds roaring when they mention a country or a city? That’s the same effect you’re going after when marketing locally. As web and internet marketing professionals we can help.

Going local means targeting audiences based on their specific needs, preferences, and taste – all of which can vary depending on city or even town. With the advent of GPSes and geographically-aware software these days, it is now possible for marketers to serve different ads to people depending on their location. This applies to anything from advertisements using local parlance, to pricing and promo that reflect a specific city’s economic state.

Additionally, location-based marketing can also be used to specifically target people nearby to an establishment. For example, a person who is browsing on his phone on a bus stop could be served an ad for a nearby establishment or even sent a discount coupon for a nearby store. It could also be used to target people based on product categories, such as sending ads for a specific canned good while a person is inside a grocery store.

Why You Need Local Online Marketing

Gone are the days when brick-and-mortar businesses can ignore online marketing. The Internet as a platform has become so enmeshed in people’s lives that people are more likely to buy products from stores if they found and researched said product over the Internet, compared to brands that they only saw on TV or in a print ad.

This also works as a revolving door of promotion, as happy local customers are likely to leave feedback on a business’ online pages, which in turn serve as promotion and advertisement targeting a newer batch of customers. In the end, this helps make the business sustainable as it builds a steady flow of customers and of course, revenue.It’s not just about advertising, though. Online marketing also takes into account a business’ online reputation. Local customers are more likely to check out a local store or business’ website, social media page, or contact information online before deciding if they want to patronize the business. It is also through online that they will check other customers’ reviews, usually coming from other local customers.

Blitz Can Help With Local Marketing

As an internet marketing agency, we have gathered staff and employees who have had extensive experience in both online and traditional marketing industries. We have all the marketing expertise and the technological savvy needed and can guide any business with the creation, implementation, and even maintenance of a successful local marketing program.